Corn Beef Pickling Spice



2 Tablespoon Black Peppercorns

2 Tablespoon Mustard Seeds

2 Tablespoons Coriander Seeds

2 Tablespoons Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

2 Tablespoons Allspice Berries

1 Tablespoon Ground Mace

2 Small Cinnamon Sticks, Broken into Pieces

3 Large Bay Leaves Crushed

2 Tablespoons Whole Cloves

1 Tablespoon Ground Ginger



  1. Toast the peppercorns, mustard seeds, and coriander seeds in an Iron skillet over medium heat for two to three minutes, until fragrant.
  2. Add crushed bay leaves and red pepper flakes in the last 30 seconds.
  3. Pour the contents of the pan into a Spice Mill or a blender.  Pulse a few times.  But everything should still look like itself.  OR Pour onto a cutting board and smash using the flat side of a knife.
  4. Store in air tight container.  Freeze extra.